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A picture speaks a thousand words. That’s something we all agree on right?


Ok, well if a picture speaks a thousand words then… what do words say?


I mean… they must say something otherwise, I may as well just copy and paste the dictionary.


I won’t do that, I’ll produce something a little bit more coherent.


Welcome to my blog.

By The Cynical Optimist, Jul 21 2015 09:05PM

I have a very odd attachment to things and stuff. Absolutely anything can hold a deep sentimental place in my heart, a teaspoon a friend stole for me in France, my ID card from my first job, A post it picture someone drew for me 6 years ago… I hang on to absolutely everything. Now… there’s a problem. I’m moving back in with my parents.

The horror! The stigma! The utter disbelief! Maybe not. Believe it or not I’m actually happy about it! Let me just run through the last few years, I went from the family house, to my Moms house, to a house share in London, to a flat with a boyfriend, back to moms then back to the family house where I lived alone for a while (yep my parents got back together – nawww). Then I went to Asia for a few months to collect my thoughts (and a tan), my new big brother moved in just before I went travelling, so for the last year we’ve been sharing the family house.

Now, to give us all a bit more money and a lot less stress, we’ve decided to move to a bigger house… altogether.

Now, the problem is that I need to get rid of a lot of things but I… just.. can’t… let it… go.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing though. In fact, I think we could all do with being a bit more sentimental. The sheer volume of ‘things and stuff’ that we just throw away because it doesn’t suit us anymore horrifies me. Especially, when we can give it to someone that needs it. I realised that once when I gave some clothes away. To me, those clothes were no longer fit for purpose but when I saw my friend wearing them I realised they were still lovely clothes, I’d just grown tired of them. And I think it’s easy to get like that.

The constant need to change and upgrade is why our landfills are full and our bank accounts are empty. I’m not saying be a hoarder but maybe instead of going to Ikea to buy a cheap table, why not go upcycle your existing one or find one online that can be reconditioned while giving your old one to someone that needs it? You’ll know that no one else has that piece; you’re doing good for the environment and your bank balance. Even just a lick of paint can make all the difference.

Plus, if you don’t know how to upcycle your furniture – I can do it for you!

By guest, Jul 8 2015 10:00PM

To sleep to sleep perchance to dream… To be honest just the chance of sleeping would be a dream.

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people with a buzzing brain. I always find it really hard to switch off. I’ll suddenly remember that I forgot to do something and shoot up in bed. Or I spend 2 hours thinking about something bad I did 5 years ago.

My brain likes to produce it’s best ideas between 2 and 5am which would be great… if I were a bat. So I fumble around for my phone so I can make a note of my brilliant idea, which normally ends up something like “flying shoes to escape bad date” or a similarly useful invention.

I particularly find that I get less sleep when I’m going through a tough time. I think of all the things I should have said, could have said. And worse than that, the things I shouldn’t have said. These thoughts don’t really help anyone and they’re the reason I like to listen to talk radio – I need the information feed into my brain to stop my needless worrying.

I used to get so angry with myself, watching the clock thinking, ok if I go to sleep now I’ll get 5 hours sleep. Then trying for 10 minutes to shutdown, to look over and see I suddenly had 4 hours to go. At around 3 hours to go, the desperation would set in, I’d frantically google methods to send me to sleep – counting sheep, tensing and relaxing muscles from my feet to my forehead, counting the pattern repeats on the ceiling. NOTHING HELPED. And by 7am I’d watched 6 cat videos, stalked 3 friends of friends and signed up for a gym in Czechoslovakia… and still not slept.

But I found the answer, late night YouTubing finally paid off. I found Sleep hypnosis.

It sounds kooky but honestly it has changed my life. I listen to Jody (Jody Whiteley – YouTube her!) ramble on and on about things until I drift off into a deep calm sleep. I’m at the point now where as soon as she says “Hi, my name is Jody” I’m out like a light!

Sleep hypnosis is wonderful and amazing and you should give it a go. Especially, if you’re like me with a restless mind.

If you’re not like me and you can fall asleep easily every single night, do me a favour – tell me the bloody secret?

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